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Luxury accommodations, boutique, and seaside resort hotels, traditional taverns, gourmet and gastronomic restaurants, dance clubs and wine bars, wonderful museums, and so many archaeological sites, create a perfect surrounding in a city that combines modern with classic. 

Athens, the capital of Greece, is a city that travelers admire and local people “love to detest”.

Best Travel Info (B.T.I. Athens) is an Athens Travel Guide that invites you to discover real Athens and enjoy the authentic sides of the glorious capital of Greece! 

With so many places to choose from… where should you start: You can simply follow our suggestions from where to go and what to do when you visit Athens, or just explore our website by yourself, and find: The best places to stay in Athens, where to eat in Athens, about Athens weather, the best attractions and museums in Athens, best day trips from Athens, how to travel from Athens to the Greek islands, or just discover the best Athens nightlife! Browse through categories, find what you need, and plan a perfect trip to Athens.

The capital of Greece is a city that you may choose no matter whether you are looking for a budget vacation or some VIP experiences.


Start Planning Your Trip to Athens! Hotels in Athens, Best Athens Restaurants, Athens Weather, Things To Do in Athens City

Brimming with budget hotels and luxurious resorts, high-end restaurants, and scrumptious takeaways, stylish cocktail bars, and underground venues, Athens has something for every traveler’s type.  However, foreigners unfamiliar with the city’s scene may find it daunting to discover the best options. From choosing the right accommodation to arranging the perfect itinerary, planning a trip to Athens can become a time-consuming and confusing process.

Featuring only the finest places around Athens, BTI Athens Travel Guide presents you with a top-notch selection of hotels to stay, local taverns and restaurants to savor a traditional meal as well as bars and nightclubs where you can experience Athens’ notorious nightlife. Discover the endless choices the Greek capital has to offer and build your itinerary based on the ones that suit your taste, budget, and style best.

Whether you’re traveling to Athens for a short getaway, a business trip, or leisure vacations, BTI Athens Travel Guide will help you get started and embark on your adventure well prepared. Moreover, here you can find all the information you’ll need before your visit to the Greek capital such as the city’s size, the weather during each season as well as suggested itineraries for making the most of your vacation.

Whether you’re coming to Athens for two days or two weeks, you can discover both the city’s attractions and hidden treasures and get a proper taste of life in one of Europe’s most vibrant metropolis. Start here and let the B.T.I.team of local experts to help you planning your trip to the city of  Athens.

Restaurants in Athens
Eating & Drinking

Restaurants in Athens

As you can probably imagine, there are virtually countless restaurants in Athens. A city that sees so many tourists walking its beautiful

hotels in athens greece

Hotels in Athens

Scouting the internet and finding the best hotels in Athens for your next vacations can be a challenging task, as the options

list with the Top Things To Do in Athens
Things to Do

Top Things To Do in Athens

Being one of the most lively cities in Europe, Athens offers endless choices for day and night. Whether you’re visiting the Greek

the best Cheap Hotels in Athens

Cheap Hotels in Athens

Are you looking for budget-friendly accommodation while visiting Athens? Then this list of the best cheap hotels in Athens will come in

best time to visit athens

Athens Weather

The Greek capital boasts a mild year-round Mediterranean climate with moderate rainfall during winter and hot and sunny days during summertime. Seasons

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Discover Athens! Get Around Athens, How to Travel From Athens to the Greek Islands, Museums in Athens, Athens Day Trips

Athens features numerous hidden spots, outdoor places, and alternative districts that showcase the city’s rich past and current urban culture. Explore the non-touristy side of Athens and get a proper taste of life in the Greek capital.

Being a city of diversity, where the modern meets the traditional, Athens never fails to surprise its visitors. All you have to do is to follow the locals’ lead, go off the beaten path, and see the city like a real Athenian. Get to know the city’s culinary scene through its bustling food markets, learn about Greek customs and traditions that have survived through centuries, and get familiar with Athenians’ daily life habits. Also, here you will read our suggestions on some of the best day trips from Athens, and for sure don’t miss our detailed guides on how to travel from Athens to the Greek islands.

Observe the city’s art culture beyond the museums and get lost in its narrow picturesque alleys. Athens is a fascinating city offering endless reasons to add it to your travel bucket list. Discover each one of them at BTI Athens Travel Guide and let the capital of Greece enchant you.

Day Trips from Athens travel guide
Travel from Athens

Day Trips from Athens

Are there any day trips from Athens worth taking during my vacation? That’s one of the most common questions travelers have in

athens metro pass through the ancient agora in athens greece
Getting Around

How to Get Around Athens

This is probably one of the first questions we get from people who visit the city for the first time: How to

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Discover the Best Places to Visit in Athens with Our Insider Travel Guides

Athens is widely known for being the birthplace of democracy, home to the imposing Parthenon, the Pnyx Hill, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, and other remarkable ancient sites. Being a city drenched in history, the Greek capital attracts hordes of tourists from all around the world eager to visit the city’s museums and landmarks.

And while discovering Athens’ historic monuments is a reason on its own to visit the Greek capital, the city offers much more than meets the eye. Discover the best places to visit in Athens with our insider guides.

Philopappos Hill in athens greece
Best Places to Visit

Philopappos Hill in Athens

Nestled in the heart of Athens’ city center overlooking the Parthenon, the Philopappos Hill is definitely one

The Acropolis of Athens
Best Places to Visit

The Acropolis of Athens

The rich history and remarkable archaeological sites of the Acropolis of Athens make visiting this hill an


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Explore the City of Athens! Best Neighbourhoods in Athens, Athens International Airport, Ports of Athens

The city of Athens is dotted with touristy neighborhoods, nightlife districts, hip areas, and historic squares. Adjacent to each other, the downtown neighborhoods comprise the vibrant city center of Athens luring tourists and local people.

Each one of them boasts its own unique atmosphere and has a story to tell. Some still emit the local vibe, some are reinventing themselves while others bear witness to the city’s glorious past. Visit The Hellenic Parliament on the emblematic Syntagma square, dive into Monastiraki’s flea markets, roam the scenic alleys of Plaka and escape the tourist crowds in Exarchia area. Every district is well known for an assortment of things to do and Best Travel Info’s detailed guides aim to introduce you to each one of them.

Moreover, Athens’ scenery constantly alters. Unknown neighborhoods come to the foreground, hidden gems emerge as the capital’s trending hangout spots while new shops, cafés and bars pop up all around the city. Our expert guides keep up with the local trends and make sure to offer you a glance into the city through its residents’ eyes.

Find out our detailed travel guides about the Athens International Airport, the Ports of Athens, and the well-trodden neighborhoods of Athens, the ones Athenians choose when they want to go shopping, which ones still feature neoclassical houses of the early 20th century, and where you can mingle with the city’s alternative crowd.

Neighborhoods comprise Athens’ complex and fascinating cityscape and are an integral part of the city’s history. Explore the city of Athens with BTI Athens Travel Guide and gain an insight into the local culture.