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Best Travel Info Is Devised to Offer Promotional Services to the Travel Industry of Athens. Promote Your Business, and Expand Your Sales Potential with This Easily Accessible Tool.

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B.T.I.Athens is a unique travel platform designed with precision to cover all a traveler may need when visiting Athens!

Whether it is simply information on what to do in Athens, where to stay or even where to eat, our user-friendly travel portal is created to motivate visitors to discover Athens like a local.

After the registration of your company, claim it, so to take the total control of your profile! If you want to request for a claim about your business, first make sure that your company listing is in a paid package! Claim requests about free listings are not accepted.

More on how to claim:

To begin the claim process, create your user account, then find your business and click the “Claim Now” button. To verify that you are the owner of your business, B.T.I. Athens may call the number listed on your business page! Please ensure you are at your place of business to answer this phone call. your business on our travel guide

We'll help you to show the thousands of travellers in our global community what you've got to offer.

Promote Your Business with

Promote Your Business!

Promote your business by creating monthly advertisements in B.T.I.Athens. Choose from THREE (3) Ad placement options,

  • Spotlight in Homepage (Only SIX (6) placements available, so harry up!)
  • Side of Listing (Sidebar Ads are displayed on the Listing details page, and the Blog!)
  • Top of Search (Top of Search Ads are handled automatically. Displays set of maximum TWO (2) ads at a time and are distributed evenly. Top of Search Ads are Targeted-Ads. The Targeted Ads are designed for users searching for a specific category, tag (keyword) or feature in a specific location. For example, If John is searching for Photographers in Athens, then your ads will appear on top of organic results only if you happen to be offering Photography service in Athens!)

and allow your company’s digital image to grow and reach prospect clients from all corners of the earth! Please, keep in mind that monthly advertisement requests, are available only for premium listing package! Requests about free listings are not accepted.

We are here to help and support you in the promotion of your Tourism Business!

Blog post and Social Media Boosting!

We will publish in our blog, a targeted article on your business and what makes it special. We will include pictures and/or video of your company’s product and the services you provide. Our end-goal will be to promote traffic to your website thus offering our subscribers back-links to your company.

Our social media pages (for example facebook & instagram), will also be promoting your business, with either a picture or video and a brief description of what you offer. We use verified promotional techniques with an approach that achieves guaranteed lead generation, attracting prospect clients and maximizing your businesses impact. Media Boosting for your travel business

Looking To Boost Your Sales As Soon As Possible? Let Us Help You! Promote Your Business Now!

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