Affiliate Program! Partner with B.T.I. Athens and Increase Your Sales!

What is the Pay Per Sale Affiliate Program?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most rewarding online marketing techniques! Cost Per Sale or Pay Per Sale is one of the sustainable affiliate marketing models. In a few words, in this model, the advertiser pays commission only when his product gets sold! B.T.I. Athens, as your partner, advertise your products and tourism services through our travel website and in return, you pay a pre-agreed commission for each booking made through it. So simple!

We are looking for: Hotels, Restaurants, Catering services, Car rentals, Tours & Excursions, Cruises, Air Taxi services, Transfers, Event Suppliers and Event Planners!

We are experts: Our specialty is to connect the members of the travel community who have an interest for Destination Athens, Greece!

No extra costs: The price you set about your products or services is final. We don’t add anything on top!

how does affiliate marketing works

Free promotion: We will promote and advertise your services to a large audience of travellers that plan their vacation to Athens!

We want our partners to be happy: We believe that successful cooperations are essential to solving complex challenges!

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