Explore The City of Athens. Discover The Greek Capital

Athens is the capital city of Greece, a vast metropolis that still stands tall bearing thousands of years of history and culture.

Being one of the oldest continuously inhabited places on Earth, the civilization, culture, art, values and ideas developed in the Greek capital have beyond any doubt defined the entirety of the western world and left their mark on the course of time.

For centuries, Athens has been acclaimed worldwide as a popular tourist destination, celebrated for its ancient wonders, magnificent architecture, immaculate gastronomy and flawless Mediterranean climate.

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Where is Athens Located

athens city greece

Athens city occupies a wide stretch of land on the southern Greek peninsula mainland that is often called the Attica basin. 

The city is nestled in the cradle of four mountains – Mount Parnitha, Mount Hymettus, Mount Aigaleo and Mount Pentelicus.

Athens expands all the way to the seafront and the Saronic Gulf to the southwest where the famous Athenian riviera lies. 

Athens city center is built around several hills, with Lycabettus being the most well-known among them.


Discover the History of Athens

The story of Athens is almost as old as time itself with a history that spans back for more than seven thousand years.

The grounds where Athens stands nowadays were once home to a prominent residential center of the Mycenaean civilization and Acropolis hill was occupied by a large fortress.

After the Dorian invasion, the region suffered an extensive economic recess period that lasted more than a century. 

However, the advantageous geographic location of the city made Athens advance and prosper in the following years.

Thus, along with Sparta and Thebes, Athens became a major trading center and a considerable center of naval power. 

The 6th and 5th centuries BC were probably the most paramount historical period for the violet-crowned city.

Ensuing the reforms of Solomon, democracy was introduced for the first time to Athenians by Cleisthenes. 

But the new regime had no time to properly flourish as shortly after, Athens and Sparta spearheaded the Greek states’ forces in the Greco-Persian wars and came out victorious after the famous battles of Marathon and Salamis.

The peaceful period of the following decades was named the Golden Age of Athenian democracy with sciences and culture coming to the foreground.

An abundance of achievements in physics, philosophy, politics and arts were laying the ground for the rest of the western civilization that was soon to follow.

the history of athens city
View of the Acropolis and the Areopagus from the Philopappos Hill. Image from: Wikimedia Commons

Top Things To Do And The Best Things To See in Athens, Greece


Athens city offers travelers a chance to get a glimpse into its marvellous past and get a taste of its contemporary brilliance at the same time.

The Greek capital can unquestionably fascinate even the most discerning visitor.

In Athens you’ll find some of the best museums in the world, architectural wonders of the antiquity alongside modern art museums, traditional tavernas next to high-end restaurants and chic cocktail bars under the shade of the Acropolis.

Make sure to tour the most important historical sites, stroll through the serpentine streets of the scenic city center, mingle with the locals at one of the numerous nightlife hotspots and of course savor the legendary Greek cuisine.

You can even take some time to explore the Athenian riviera at the oceanfront or make a day trip to one of the nearby islands.


How to Get Around Athens. Athens Public Transportation. Metro Lines, Tram, and Busses

Although a colossal capital city, Athens is quite easy to navigate and get around. 

There are three different metro lines in the city – the green line (number one), the red line (number two) and the blue line (number 3).

You will often hear locals refer to the first one as “ilektrikos” or simply “the train”. 

The green line is the oldest one and it connects the northern suburbs to the port Of Piraeus on the south.

The red line connects the Athens city center with the southern suburbs at the seaside. 

The blue line connects the northern suburbs and the city center with the International Airport of Athens.

Apart from the metro lines, there are also numerous bus, trolley and tram lines running throughout the city that are ideal for shorter distances.

Please read: Getting Around Athens.

getting around athens city

Athens city is one of the most popular destinations on the globe for good reason.

Its wondrous culture and history, exquisite gastronomy and flamboyant nightlife are what make the Greek capital deserve a spot on the top of your travel bucket list.

No matter what kind of experience you’re after on your trip to Athens, the glorious city will certainly have a few surprises in store for you. 


The Best Places To Stay in Athens

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