Athens for Couples: 9 Ideas for the Perfect Romantic Date

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Are you traveling to Athens with your significant other and want to organize the perfect romantic date? Follow these 9 tips and experience an unforgettable day in the Greek capital. Even though Athens rarely tops the lists of the world’s most romantic cities, it has no shortage of things to do with your beloved one.

All you have to do is go off the beaten path and explore its secret corners and well-hidden places.

Watch the Sunset From Philopappos Hill

Philopappos Hill is a renowned tourist attraction, but head there at sunset with a picnic basket and a blanket and you’ll forget you’re atop an ancient site.

With the whole city at your feet and the colors of the falling sun painting the Athenian sky, the scenery is magical.

Make sure to have climbed up the Philopappos hill on time and stay until the sun has fully disappeared below the horizon.

Philopappou Hill-athens-greece
Philopappos Hill in Athens. Courtesy: Peter Rintels /

Enjoy a Dinner at Laika Bar – Resto

Nestled in a narrow pedestrianized street in the area of Votanikos, Laika is the perfect place for a romantic dinner away from the crowds.

The small and cozy resto-bar serves traditional dishes with a modern twist in a low-profile atmosphere.

With checkered and polka dot tablecloths, wooden chairs, and dim lighting Laika looks more like a French bistro than a traditional Greek restaurant. Plus, its bar serves drinks until 2 am.

See the Stars From the National Observatory

Take a look at the Athenian night sky at the National Observatory in Thissio.

Situated on the top of the Hill of the Nymphs, the National Observatory in Thissio is right opposite Acropolis’s sacred hill and it consists of three buildings that date to the 19th century.

A refracting telescope and a meridian circle -both functioning- are available to visitors to observe Attica’s sky.

If your significant other is an astronomy enthusiast make sure to also visit the Museum of Geoastrophysics. There, you’ll find a great collection divided into 4 categories (“Time and space”, “Astronomical observations”, “Meteorology” and “Seismology”) displaying instruments used in the 19th and 20th centuries.

National Observatory of Athens on the Hill of the Nymphs
View of the National Observatory of Athens on the Hill of the Nymphs

Take a Walk at Flisvos Marina

Marina Flisvos at Paleo Faliro is a part of the famous Athens Riviera and it spans 3.800 square meters of housing shops, restaurants, and cafés overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

Grab a pizza at Napolitivo while enjoying the spectacular view or savor a refreshing drink at Cruiser Exclusive Bar.

Promenade in Flisvos Marina, Athens - Greece
Promenade in Flisvos Marina, Athens. Courtesy:

And if you’re on budget worry not, you can still take your sweetheart to Flisvos Marina for your romantic date. Take a walk along the scenic promenade while enjoying a delicious ice cream from Haagen Dazs.

Catch a Movie at the Local Cinemas

Athens brims with small, old-fashioned cinemas that preserve their authentic atmosphere looking nothing like the modern multiplex. In other words, the perfect place to start your date.

Cine Thission in athens
Cine Thisio is the oldest summer cinema in Athens, built in 1935.
Courtesy: the euskadi 11 /

Historic cinemas such as Elli, Asti, and Ideal that were founded over 5 decades ago are still welcoming cinephiles to their halls screening old and new cinema masterpieces.

If you’re in Athens in the summertime you should definitely catch a movie with your beloved one at the city’s open-air cinemas.

Cine Thisio is the most popular as it situated in the heart of the Thissio district but you’ll find an abundance of choices all over the city center.

old-fashioned cinema in athens
The decades-old tradition of open-air cinemas in Athens is still alive and kicking.
Courtesy: Paolo Gamba /

Enjoy a Cocktail at Speakeasy Athens

Spice things up by taking your date to the city’s secret bar, Speakeasy.

Inspired by the legendary illicit bars of the Prohibition era in the United States, The Speakeasy Athens feels, sounds and tastes like a proper 20s and 30s “blind tiger.”

Bands and DJs make sure that the air is always filled with jazz tunes while experienced bartenders serve a wide range of premium spirits including, of course, the quintessential Old Fashioned.

Even though the bar’s address is now available online, playing by the bar’s rules to spot its location will preserve the mystery.

Visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center offers free concerts, open-air screenings, exhibitions, and other cultural events throughout the year.

Keep an eye out on its official website for upcoming events and start your date with a dash of culture in the city’s most modern cultural center. Plus, it houses a 21-hectare green park ideal for a relaxed walk.

stavros niarchos athens
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Hit One of the City’s Rooftops

Whether you’re going on a romantic date under the sunlight or late at night, the city’s rooftop terraces are always a great choice if you’re craving a refreshing drink.

There are many bars and restaurants around the city featuring rooftop terraces for all styles and tastes and all of them offer a captivating view.

GB Roof Garden and Galaxy Bar for a luxurious experience, Bios Rooftop for the alternative couple, and Couleur Locale if you’re looking for a modern, stylish place.

GB Roof Garden Restaurant Fine dining meets the history of Athens.

Take a Walk at the National Garden Coffee

The National Garden of Athens offers a tranquil and peaceful setting for a romantic walk in the heart of the city center.

The 15.5-hectare green oasis is situated right next to Syntagma square and it features 7,000 trees and 40,000 bushes of over 500 different plant varieties.

Once you’ve walked under Washingtonia palm trees, eucalyptus trees and Chinese trees of heaven take your sweetheart to the garden’s small, old-fashioned café for a traditional dessert accompanied by a cup of Greek coffee.

As you can see beyond its traffic-jammed streets and noisy districts, Athens has several well-hidden corners ideal for a romantic date.

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