Athens Weather

What is weather like in Athens, Greece?

Athens Weather

Athens Climate

The Greek capital boasts a mild year-round Mediterranean climate with moderate rainfall during winter and hot and sunny days during summertime.

Seasons interchange quickly between summer and winter with quite short transitional periods of average temperatures in spring and autumn. 

Due to its smooth weather conditions, Athens has gained a worldwide reputation of being one of the most popular summertime destinations on the globe; and for good reason.

With over 2.500 hours of sunshine annually and heavy rainfall and thunderstorms being extremely rare, it comes as no surprise that it consistently ranks among the top vacation spots in Europe during the past decades.

Athenian suburbs actually hold the record for the highest temperatures ever recorded on the continent by the World Meteorological Organization and Athens is widely considered to be the hottest metropolises in Europe.

When is the best time to visit Athens?

Before planning an escapade to Athens and crafting an exciting itinerary, most travelers usually have one common question in mind. When to visit Athens?

Given the pleasant weather conditions and ever-present sunshine, the truth is that this question is too difficult to answer. Anytime is a great time to visit Athens. 

The ideal time to visit ultimately depends on the visitors’ personal preferences and the experiences they are after in this marvellous city.

As always, B.T.I. Athens is here to help you along each step of your trip starting from the very beginning. Read on to get a better taste of what to expect while visiting Athens each season of the year. 

Autumn in Athens

Autumn is the best time to visit Athens if you’re looking to give your vacations an educational character by visiting all the outdoors ancient sites and attractions.

Early autumn is the time when locals return after the summer holidays and the city goes back to its normal hustle and bustle.

Rainfall is quite rare and you will be able to enjoy outdoor seating at local restaurants and cafes.

Even if you are unlucky and happen upon the occasional rain, it will definitely not be enough to keep you from visiting the most popular attractions in the city center.

Winter in Athens

Normally, winters in Athens are mild with temperatures rarely dropping below 10 degrees Celsius and several consecutive weeks of sunshine recorded every year.

It’s not uncommon to see locals wandering in the city in light clothing during daytime.

Visiting Athens in winter will give you the opportunity to experience the city’s robust nightlife, especially if you’re visiting during the Christmas holidays. 

Spring in Athens

Spring is the ideal season for a trip to Athens with warm sunny days and cool dry evenings allowing for urban explorations and leisurely walks in the city’s neighbourhoods or the surrounding hills.

If you’re planning to visit the capital of Greece around the Easter holidays, you can expect nothing but sunshine and refreshing afternoon breezes.  

Summer in Athens

Even though summer is locals’ favorite season, there might be some travelers who would want to avoid visiting Athens during summertime for fear of it being too hot.

Temperatures during summer average around 34 degrees Celsius with strong heat waves occurring regularly during july and august.

However, cool terraces overlooking the city, rooftop bars and even day trips to closeby islands can make your summer stay in Athens an unforgettable experience. 


No matter what time of the year you choose to visit Athens, one thing for certain – the violet- crowned city is bound to take your breath away regardless of weather.

So get to booking and keep in mind that B.T.I Athens is here to help you plan your stay craft the most incredible itinerary for your visit to Athens city. 

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