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Hotels in Athens

Scouting the internet and finding the best hotels in Athens for your next vacations can be a challenging task, as the options are seemingly endless. Home to some of Europe’s

Day Trips from Athens travel guide
Travel from Athens

Day Trips from Athens

Are there any day trips from Athens worth taking during my vacation? That’s one of the most common questions travelers have in mind before visiting the Greek capital. The answer

Athens in October
Things to Do

Athens in October

You might be surprised to find out that Athens in October is just as mindblowing as any other time of the year, even though most travelers think of Athens primarily

Best Beaches in Athens
Best Places to Visit

The 10 Best Beaches in Athens

What are the 10 best beaches in Athens? Just a few kilometers south of Athens’ city center, spans a breathtaking coastline ideal for a refreshing dip during the hot summer

Archaeological Site of Kerameikos
Best Places to Visit

Archaeological Site of Kerameikos

Athens, the capital of Greece is famous for being the cradle of democracy and the birthplace of the Olympic Games as well as for its unique and historical architecture. A

The Athens Riviera - Temple Of Poseidon
Best Places to Visit

Athens Riviera: The Coastal Area of Athens

Athens is so much more than history and the birthplace of democracy. It is home to places like the Athens Riviera, a charming coastal area in the southern suburbs of

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