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5 Tips for Studying Abroad in Athens, Greece
Living & Working

5 Tips for Studying Abroad in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece is not your typical European city, and it often falls behind other study-abroad destinations such as England and Italy, but that doesn’t mean it’s one to be missed.

hidden spots in athens
Athens Hidden Spots

Best Hidden Spots in Athens

If you’ve already visited Athens’ ancient sites and tourist areas or just looking for a more authentic experience in the Greek capital keep reading. This guide with the best hidden

explore the center of athens city
Best Places to Visit

Center of Athens

Even though the Greek capital consists of different areas, it’s mainly the center of Athens that attracts the crowds. Home to historical landmarks, bustling food markets, and scenic alleys, Athens’

Living and working in Athens city
Living & Working

Living and working in Athens

Living and working in Athens can be as fun and fascinating as it can be annoying and confusing. Even Athenians who adore their city acknowledge that daily life can sometimes

getting around athens city
Getting Around

Getting Around Athens

Even though Athens’ transportation system is quite simple, for newcomers it can sometimes feel confusing. Unlike other metropolitans in Europe, Athens doesn’t have the right infrastructures for moving around the

best tourist places in Athens
Best Places to Visit

Tourist Places in Athens

Like every city around Europe, Athens has some areas that are particularly popular among tourists. Either because they are of great historical significance or because they just are exceptionally charming,

Culture of Athens
Language & Culture

Culture of Athens

If you haven’t already visited Athens, you definitely have to add to it to your bucket list of places to travel. You will be fascinated by the culture of Athens,

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