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athens neighborhoods
Best Places to Visit

The Athenian Neighborhoods You Should Know

Athens’ city center brims with scenic neighborhoods. Some bear witness to the capital’s glorious past, being now the capital’s most touristic areas while others still preserve their local atmosphere. Put

Outdoor Places in Athens
Best Places to Visit

The Best Outdoor Places in Athens

While most European cities’ spectacular green-grass parks usually occupy the top of tourists’ lists with the must-visit attractions, Athens’ outdoor places are often overlooked. That doesn’t mean though, that the

best time to visit athens
Getting Around

When Is the Best Time to Visit Athens

Bustling with life all year round, Athens is a great destination whether you’re looking for a short city break in the winter or a place to spend your summer vacation.

The Top 10 Secret Attractions in Athens
Athens Hidden Spots

Top 10 Secret Attractions in Athens

The Greek capital has an abundance of must-see sites and places as well as vibrant hangouts where you’ll find the city’s night owls. There are those moments though when you

Top 10 Attractions to Visit in Athens!
Best Places to Visit

Top 10 Attractions to Visit in Athens

Boasting numerous World Heritage monuments, architectural wonders of times long gone, charming churches, renowned museums, and picturesque neighbourhoods, the Greek capital teems with exciting attractions to satisfy even the most

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