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Restaurants in Athens
Eating & Drinking

Restaurants in Athens

As you can probably imagine, there are virtually countless restaurants in Athens. A city that sees so many tourists walking its beautiful streets every year, after all, could not but

hotels in athens greece

Hotels in Athens

Scouting the internet and finding the best hotels in Athens for your next vacations can be a challenging task, as the options are seemingly endless. Home to some of Europe’s

Athens in October
Things to Do

Athens in October

You might be surprised to find out that Athens in October is just as mind-blowing as any other time of the year, even though most travelers think of Athens primarily

varvakeios market in athens

The Dimotiki Agora: Athens Central Market

Athens is certainly a lot more than just age-old monuments and a plethora of museums, thus if you need a break from touring historical sites, Athens Central Market is a

What To Do in Athens, Greece
Things to Do

What To Do in Athens [Greece]

You can substitute Athens from the title and replace it with any city in the world you can think of. It is the first question any tourists think of or

athens greece local products

Athens Local Products

As you surely know you can find a lot of tasty and lovely traditional local products in Greece. Even if the best places to buy qualitative products are in small

cruise from athens
Things to Do

Cruise From Athens

A cruise from Athens on a luxurious rib or even a private yacht provides the perfect contrast to the city during your travel to Athens. Where is the exact opposite

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