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Shopping in Athens is an activity widely enjoyed but rarely discussed. The Greek capital doesn’t really have a reputation as one of the most popular shopping destinations on the globe. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let the city’s other charms overshadow the fact that Athens actually offers excellent shopping opportunities. From busy main shopping streets like Ermou and colorful outdoor food markets like Varvakeios to high-end art galleries and boutique souvenir shops, there is not much you can dream of that you will not find in Athens. Just browse through our detailed guides and get information on where to find the best shops in Athens, see where the largest malls are located, explore the outdoor markets and plan your souvenir hunting all while getting insider tips on local products, hidden shopping gems and how to get the best deals.

varvakeios market in athens

The Dimotiki Agora: Athens Central Market

Athens is certainly a lot more than just age-old monuments and a plethora of museums, thus if you need a break from touring historical sites, Athens Central Market is a definite place to visit! The busy central market of Athens (or as called by locals: “Varvakios”, or “Dimotiki Agora”) perfectly shows how the Athenians enjoy life.
greece athens local products

Athens Local Products

As you surely know you can find a lot of tasty and lovely traditional local products in Greece. Even if the best places to buy qualitative products are in small villages or islands, Athens also has a few places where…

shopping in monastiraki athens

A Local’s Guide to Shopping in Athens

Athens has an abundance of shops and boutiques of all kinds, for all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking to buy a souvenir that will always remind you of your trip in the Greek capital, the traditional-style Greek sandals, or…

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