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The culture of Athens and Greece, in general, is no simple affair. The city’s history, spanning for several millennia has transformed the values, customs and people in so many complex ways that there is no easy way to describe what Athenian culture feels like without experiencing it for oneself. What used to be a melting pot of major ancient civilizations is now quickly becoming a modern metropolis of the western world with influences that are as diverse as they are exciting. From ancient monuments and neoclassical buildings to modern art museums and graffiti street art, culture lovers will find in Athens a hub of arts and culture, unlike anything they’ve seen around the world. Browse through our articles and discover extensive guides for any kind of cultural attraction in Athens along with exclusive tips and information on top attractions, architectural gems, lesser-known museums, fascinating art spaces, thrilling cultural hubs and much more.

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What You Need to Know About the Greek Culture

Greek culture has fascinated people from all over the world already since early times. Being the birthplace of many notable philosophers, authors, and historical figures, Greece has always been a place of interest for culture buffs. Especially Athens, the city…

Culture of Athens

Culture of Athens

If you haven’t already visited Athens, you definitely have to add it to your bucket list of places to travel. You will be fascinated by the culture of Athens, as well as the history, Greek mythology, and its fables. Nowadays,…

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