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Welcome to B.T.I.Athens

Explore Athenian Neighbourhoods!

Read our expert guides on the city’s most iconic neighbourhoods and get acquainted with the rich heritage of Athens. Learn about each area’s culture, architecture, art, gastronomy and nightlife and choose your ideal destination.

Discover the Best Services!

Browse attractions, accommodations, restaurants, activities and points of interest, filtered by your personal preferences and desired location. Make use of the interactive map and discover the best services Athens has to offer and check out our “Secret Places” for some truly authentic experiences.   

Select a Listing!

Just click on anything that caught your eye to find out more. Hotel amenities, restaurant descriptions, tour itineraries and all kinds of travel services. You can view photos, get directions and contact each business directly through B.T.I. Athens. Don’t forget to add them to your favorites list!

Account And Registration

Creating your B.T.I account is easy, fast and completely free! Just click Join Now and set up your own account simply by providing your email address. We’d love to have you join us!

By joining B.T.I. Athens you become a member of a large network of local experts that work hard to pinpoint the best services that the city offers. Through your account, you gain access to detailed information on the best hotels, attractions, restaurants, events, activities, shops and travel services in Athens, based on your preferences.

You can then save your favorite finds under your bookmarks and start designing the perfect travel experience in Athens with no effort. And that’s not all! As a registered user, you can view all the listings’ contact information, communicate directly with the business owners for booking and inquiries and save valuable time and money.

The best part? Joining B.T.I is completely free!

Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll have access to your personalized user profile. Here you can view your dashboard, edit your bookmarks, manage your account details and contact B.T.I’s support team. You can even select your own avatar to set as a user icon and make your profile stand out .

  • Dashboard

Be the first to know what’s new in Athens and roam the city like a local! Through your dashboard you’ll get updates on all the city’s news, events, promotions and offers, as well as all new businesses that are being added on B.T.I. Athens.

  • My bookmarks

Build your own bucket list! Just add your favorite hotels, attractions, restaurants and businesses to your favorites list and plan the perfect trip in Athens.

  • Edit account

Here you can view and edit your profile details, change your email address and manage your password.

  • Support

If you are unsure about anything, need technical support or simply want to get in touch for any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in a message on the contact form. We’ll be happy to help!

We will be very sad to see you go!

If there’s any aspect of B.T.I. Athens that you found less than perfect, if you have encountered any technical difficulties or have any comments on the platform, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Just fill in a contact form and let us know. If you still wish to delete your account follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to your B.T.I. Account.
  • Select the Support tab on your account to send us a message or fill out a form on the Contact Us page.
  • Fill out a contact form and type “Account Cancellation” on the subject line.

You will receive a confirmation of the deletion within 48 hours.

Please note that upon cancellation, all of your saved content will be permanently deleted from B.T.I. Athens.

As stated in the Terms of Service, B.T.I. Athens reserves the right to limit, suspend, or deactivate your account without prior notice. This may result from receiving reports from business owners, misusing the platform in any way, or any other violation of the Terms of Service.    

In such case, your account may be suspended or deactivated indefinitely and you will lose access to your user profile and all of your saved data.  

If for any reason you think that your account has been deactivated wrongfully, please contact our support and we’ll try to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

Let's Get Started

It’s time to start exploring Athens!


  • Use our Discover option to choose between accommodation, attractions, restaurants, nightlife, travel services and many more!


  • Narrow down your options using the filters on the top of the page and personalize your search. You can filter by price, location, views and ratings!


  • If you’re looking for something in particular, just enter a name or a keyword on the search bar of the homepage and hit search!


  • Use the interactive map to browse listings based on your desired location!


  • Click on any listing to view a more detailed description, photos, location and contact information.


  • Use your bookmark to save your favorite places and access them anytime through your account.


  • Get in Touch! Contact business owners directly for bookings, reservations and general inquiries.

First of all, you have to set up your B.T.I. user profile. See the instructions above. Then:


  • Log In to Your Account
  • Click on the listing of your choice
  • Fill out the contact form on the bottom right of the page.
  • Write a message and hit “Send”


That’s it!

Keep in mind that B.T.I. Athens allows you to communicate directly with business owners and will not act as an intermediary of any kind or seek any commissions from your activities. All communications are strictly private between users and business owners.

B.T.I. Athens allows you to refine your search and come across the ideal option for your trip by using search filters. Start off by choosing a category from the homepage to see all relative listings. On the top of the page you’ll find the following filters, as well as a drop-down menu with subcategories to target your search where applicable.


  • Near Me – Use this option to filter listings based on the distance from your current location in Athens!
  • Price – Browse your options based on your budget limitations!
  • Open Now – Find out which places are currently open and welcoming visitors!
  • Best Match – Click this option to discover the listings that are perfect for you based on your personal preferences.
  • Sort By – By using this filter you can view the listings that have the most views and best reviews!

B.T.I. Athens enables you to easily search for businesses or travel services within a specific area in Athens simply by doing either of the following:


  • Click the “Discover” option on the right side of the search bar on the homepage and choose an area or neighbourhood from the drop-down menu.


  • Use the interactive map on the right side of the listing pages to spot places and businesses in your area of interest.


Remember that you can also use the search bar on the homepage to look for something specific. If you’re unsure about which neighbourhood in Athens you’d like to visit first, make sure to Explore our Neighbourhood guides first!

Use your B.T.I. Account to create a favorites list, bookmark places and services that interest you, keep track of your findings and craft the perfect itinerary through Athens city. Here’s how to set up your own list:


  • Join B.T.I. Athens and create your user profile. See the instructions above.
  • Log in to your Account and start browsing listings based on your personal preferences.
  • Click on anything you’d like to add to your list and click on the “Save” button on the right side of the page.
  • Confirm and add your own notes!


If you want to remove a listing from bookmarks, follow the instructions below:


  • Log in to your Account
  • Select your Bookmarks
  • Select the listing you want to remove and click “Remove”
  • Confirm your decision and it’s gone!

B.T.I. Athens counts on you to submit ratings and reviews on places you visit to help fellow travelers discover the best side of Athens! It’s very simple and will only take a minute.


  • Log in to your Account
  • Choose the listing you want to rate or review
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Rate and Write a Review”
  • Choose your rating from 1 to 5 stars
  • Type your name and email
  • Write your review
  • You can also upload your own photos to be published along with your review and show your fellow travelers what a great time you had in Athens!


Keep in mind that B.T.I. Athens reserves the right to remove reviews, ratings and comments that violate the Terms of Service or are deemed inappropriate in any way without prior notice.

By using B.T.I. Athens you’ll undoubtedly come across some very interesting things to see and do in Athens. If you want to let your friends know what you’re up to while traveling, make sure to share your finds on your social media!


  • Log in to your Account
  • Select the listing you want to share
  • Click the “Share” button on the right side of the page
  • Choose a social media platform
  • Confirm


And it’s posted! Make sure to follow us on all our social media channels and invite your friends to join B.T.I. Athens as well!

Contact our Support Center

If you have any questions regarding setting up a new account, managing your account’s details, using B.T.I. Athens or any other issue, we’ll be more than happy to help! Just fill out a contact form and we’ll be in touch in no time!

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