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Hotels in Athens


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hotels in athens greece

Scouting the internet and finding the best hotels in Athens for your next vacations can be a challenging task, as the options are seemingly endless. Home to some of Europe’s most iconic landmarks like the Parthenon Temple and Acropolis Hill, Athens attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Naturally, the city brims with all kinds of hotels to suit all kinds of needs.

In Athens, you will find countless accommodation options ranging from high-end luxury hotels in the best neighborhoods of the city and magnificent hotels with views of the Acropolis to family-friendly hotels in the more peaceful districts and cheap hotels in the city center.

Below you will find our top picks for the best hotels in Athens. Make sure to browse through all the options and go over our tips and recommendations to make sure that you choose the ideal hotel to make your next vacation in Athens unforgettable.

Where to stay in Athens

Choosing where to stay in Athens might seem confusing when getting in touch with the city for the first time. This section will guide you through the most popular areas of Athens for tourists in the city center and provide some insight as to which area is the best suited for your type of vacation.

The most famous neighborhoods of Athens among tourists are the following:

● Plaka
● Koukaki, Neos Kosmos & Makriyanni
● Thission
● Syntagma
● Monastiraki & Psirri
● Kolonaki

The vast majority of visitors choose hotels in these areas as they are all in downtown Athens and only a few minutes away from the Acropolis Hill and the Acropolis Museum, which are undeniably the most famous attractions of Athens.

While staying in any of these areas, everything you may need will be in close proximity, including the city’s main shopping streets, numerous restaurants, bars and cafes, several metro stations, numerous bus stations, taxi spots, and train stations.

To top it off, most of these areas also have pedestrian streets (which are not so common in Athens) so you can enjoy long walks around the city center.

where to stay in AthensPin
Where to stay in Athens? Choose an area with pedestrian streets so to enjoy a nice walk around the city center

It is essential that you are very careful when booking a hotel online, as many hotels with excellent ratings are located outside the city center or in neighborhoods that are not as beautiful nor as safe as the ones mentioned above.

In any case, if you are unsure, check our recommendations for centrally located hotels in Athens by clicking here.

What is the best area to stay in Athens?

Now that we have gone over the most popular districts of the city, the question of what is the best area to stay in Athens inevitably arises.

It all depends on what type of holidays you are looking for and what your budget is.

In general, those going to Athens for family holidays usually prefer Plaka as it’s the area with the most family-friendly hotels and it’s quiet and peaceful.

If you’re going to Athens to enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife, opt for a hotel in Monastiraki, or maybe a hotel in Psirri or near Syntagma.

That way, you’ll be close to some of the city’s most famous after-night hangouts and late-night eateries.

best area to stay in AthensPin
One of the best areas to stay in Athens is Monastiraki

If you’re planning a romantic break in Athens, your best bet would be finding a hotel in Thisseio or a hotel in the Plaka neighborhood.

These areas feature hotels with views of the Acropolis from the balconies or a terrace that will make for very romantic evenings.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more money in favor of elegance and convenience, check our recommendations for hotels in Kolonaki, some of the best hotels in Koukaki, and Plaka.

They are the most upscale areas that offer several options for luxury hotels in Athens.

Finally, if you’re looking for a cheap hotel in Athens then browse for options in Monastiraki and the area of Psirri. They are the most likely to offer cheaper alternatives.

Where should you not stay in Athens?

Like most European capitals, Athens is a relatively safe city.

The city center is quite densely populated and there are plenty of popular nightlife spots where you will see people walking the streets even during the early hours after midnight.

Nevertheless, there some areas in which we would not recommend you to stay as they are arguably less safe and less beautiful than others.

The areas of Athens you should avoid to stay at during your vacation include Omonoia Square, the streets around the central train station (Larisa Station), Karaiskaki Square in Metaxourgeio and Vathis Square.

Again, to be completely candid, it’s not like you will be in danger if you choose a budget hotel in one of those areas, but you should at least be more careful when moving around at night.

Best Hotels in Athens

Below you will find our recommendations for the best hotels in Athens. All of the hotels listed are located in the city center and were selected after a careful screening process for their excellent location, amenities, and services they offer. Also, about all the listed hotels in Athens we propose, we already have stayed in or are the highest rated by travelers to Athens.

Our preferred website to compare and book hotels is Best prices and many hotels you can book and then cancel with no cancelation penalty. For the individuals who need to book without using a travel agency, this is the most ideal approach to do it.

Browse through our selection and discover the perfect hotel for your vacation in Athens.

Athenaeum Grand Hotel

Athenaeum Grand HotelPin
Athenaeum Grand Hotel in Athens

Athenaeum Grand Hotel is a four-star hotel located just 5 minutes away from the popular district of Koukaki, the Acropolis Museum, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

The hotel’s rooms are elegantly decorated with modern furniture while some of them also feature private balconies or small terraces with views of the Acropolis.

Athenaeum Grand Hotel also offers on-site parking and a modern restaurant.

Book your stay with Athenaeum Grand Hotel here.

Electra Metropolis

Electra Metropolis hotel in athensPin
Electra Metropolis Hotel in Athens

Electra Metropolis is a five-star luxury hotel located on the outskirts of Plaka district, only a few meters away from Syntagma square.

The hotel features a breathtaking rooftop terrace that encompasses a swimming pool with a stunning waterfall effect and amazing birdseye views of the city and the Acropolis.

The stunning view can also be enjoyed by the hotel’s top-floor gourmet restaurant and the famous ‘M’ bar that serves top-shelf liquor and cooling cocktails.

Electra Metropolis offers charming contemporary rooms and suites and a stylish lounge decorated with the artworks of Fassianos, a famous contemporary Greek painter.

Why not give your next vacation in Athens a touch of luxury? Check the availability of Electra Metropolis here.

Central Hotel

Central Hotel in AthensPin
Central Hotel in Athens

As the name suggests, Central Hotel boasts a privileged location in the heart of Plaka and just a few minutes away from Syntagma Square.

The hotel’s rooms are comfortable and feature a sophisticated modern interior decor that creates a laid-back atmosphere. But that’s not the only benefit of staying at the Central Hotel.

Its rooftop bar is without question one of the best places in Athens to have a refreshing drink and relax while taking in the marvelous view of the Parthenon on top of the Acropolis.

A sound appealing? Book your stay with Central Hotel here.

The Athens Gate Hotel

The Athens Gate HotelPin
The Athens Gate Hotel in Athens

The Athens Gate Hotel is a charming four-star hotel located just 200 meters away from the Acropolis Museum.

It offers magnificent views of the Acropolis and the Temple of Olympian Zeus from the rooms and the alluring rooftop terrace where you will find a modern restaurant/bar.

This hotel is an exceptional choice for both couples and families looking to stay in the heart of Athens.

Check the availability of The Athens Gate Hotel here and start planning your next vacation to Athens.

Athenaeum Eridanus Luxury Hotel

Athenaeum Eridanus Luxury Hotel in AthensPin
Athenaeum Eridanus Luxury Hotel in Athens

As the name suggests, Athenaeum Eridanus Luxury Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel located in downtown Athens within walking distance of Monastiraki, Psirri, and Kerameikos.

The hotel offers gracefully decorated rooms with stylish furniture and a magnificent rooftop terrace with views of the Acropolis as well as a breakfast buffet and a fully equipped gym.

Looking for a luxury hotel in Athens? Book your stay with Athenaeum Eridanus Luxury Hotel here.

B4B Athens Signature Hotel

B4B Athens Signature Hotel in AthensPin
B4B Athens Signature Hotel in Athens

B4B Athens Signature Hotel is a charming four-star hotel located just a few minutes away from the Acropolis metro station and the famous neighborhood of Koukaki.

Owned by B for Boutique Hotels, this brand new property offers rooms and suites with stunning views of the Acropolis, an on-site bar, and a breakfast buffet.

Check the availability of the B4B Athens Signature Hotel and book your stay here.

Plaka Hotel

Plaka Hotel in AthensPin
Plaka Hotel in Athens

Located in the heart of the historic center, Plaka Hotel is within walking distance of Monastiraki, Syntagma Square, Ermou street, and the Acropolis Museum.

Apart from a great location, Plaka Hotel offers comfortable family rooms with charming decorations and private balconies that overlook the Acropolis or Lycabettus Hill.

On the rooftop, you’ll find a bar with amazing vistas over the city.

Traveling to Athens with the family? Book your stay at the Plaka Hotel here.

Attalos Hotel

Attalos Hotel in Athens greecePin
Attalos Hotel in Athens

Situated only 100 meters away from the Monastiraki metro station and just a short walk away from Syntagma square, Attalos Hotel is an appealing three-star hotel with a very central location and a rooftop bar with an unobstructed view of the Acropolis.

It’s great for those that want to be close to the city’s popular nightlife hangouts and the famous flea market.

Book your stay at Attalos Hotel here.

Titania Hotel

Titania Hotel in athens greecePin
Titania Hotel in Athens

One of the most elegant hotels in Athens, the four-star Titania Hotel is located in the heart of the city, very close to Syntagma Square, the Academy of Athens, the Greek Parliament and the National Library.

The hotel offers luxurious soundproof rooms as well as an award-winning rooftop restaurant with birdseye views of the city and a fitness room.

Check the availability of the Titania Hotel and book your next stay here.

Coco-mat Athens BC

Coco-mat Athens BC athens hotelPin
Coco-mat Athens BC Athens Hotel

Coco-mat Athens BC is one of the most favorite hotels in Athens among international travelers.

It offers a high-end restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, a fitness center, a spa, and a sun terrace with impeccable views of the Acropolis.

This five-star hotel is located very close to the Acropolis Museum, the Temple of Zeus, and the Odeum of Herodes Atticus.

Looking for a hotel with a view of the Acropolis? Book your stay with Coco-mat Athens BC now.

Staying in Plaka

Staying in Plaka AthensPin
Staying in Plaka is a great option while in Athens. Pic: Tilemahos Efthimiadis/

Nestled in the shadow of Acropolis Hill and the iconic Parthenon Temple, Plaka is the oldest and probably the most popular area in Athens.

Plaka is an ideal location to stay in if you want to be in the heart of Athens and near the most famous attractions while also staying in a peaceful and quiet area.

Some of Plaka’s most famous sites include the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, the Jewish Museum of Greece, Hadrian’s Arch, and the Museum of Greek Folk Art.

The easiest way to get to Plaka is via the Acropolis metro station or the Monastiraki metro station.

Best Hotels in Plaka

Plaka brims with all kinds of accommodation options including luxury five-star hotels, hotels with a view of the Acropolis and family-friendly hotels to meet the needs of all the travelers who want to stay in the historical area.

Here are our top picks for hotels in Plaka.

360 Degrees Hotel in Plaka
Electra Palace Athens
New Hotel
Adrian Hotel
Home and Poetry
Sweet Home Hotel

Browse through a large selection of hotels in Plaka and discover the one that fits your tastes and budget.

Staying in Monastiraki

Staying in MonastirakiPin
Monastiraki – a small and lively neighborhood with plenty of shopping venues, being a good choice to stay in Athens. Pic:

Sharing a border with Plaka and a very similar traditional character, Monastiraki is an exceptional place to stay in Athens with countless options for food and shopping.

Here you will find numerous antique shops, street food joints, local artisan boutiques, souvenir shops, and of course, the famous flea market of Monastiraki.

Some of the most famous attractions that you will be staying next to if you choose Monastiraki for your vacation include the Ancient Agora, Hadrian’s Library, and the Roman Agora.

The easiest way to get to Monastiraki is via the Monastiraki metro station or the train station of the same name.

The former one connects the city center with the airport while the latter one will take you to the port of Piraeus.

Best Hotels in Monastiraki & Psirri

Monastiraki features an abundance of hotels including luxury hotels and budget hotels.

Here is our selection of the best hotels in Monastiraki that will make your next stay a memorable one.

The Editor Hotel Athens
Emporikon Athens Hotel
Ciel Living Athens
Athenian Foss
The Zillers Boutique Hotel
The AThens Version Luxury Suites

Explore a large collection with the best hotels in Monastiraki and start planning your next vacation in Athens now.

Staying in Koukaki

Staying in KoukakiPin
If you want to be super close to the Acropolis but still enjoy a local (and not very touristic) atmosphere, Koukaki is your place to be!

Koukaki is the rising star of Athens. It has been rapidly gaining in popularity with locals and international visitors alike during the past years and for good reason.

Koukaki is located right at the foot of Acropolis Hill and offers dazzling views of the Parthenon from its quiet pedestrian streets.

Even though it’s really close to Plaka and Monastiraki, the neighborhood of Koukaki has retained a less touristic character and it’s full of bars, cafes, and restaurants frequented primarily by locals.

The easiest way to get to Koukaki is either via the Acropolis metro station or the Syngrou-Fix metro station.

Best Hotels in Koukaki & Makriyanni

Koukaki is home to numerous hotels and it offers both budget-friendly options and luxury hotel options as well as some of the most romantic hotels in Athens.

These are our top selections for hotels in Koukaki.

Acropolis View Hotel
Acropolis Stay
NLH FIX | Neighborhood Lifestyle Hotels
Noble Suites
AD Athens Luxury Rooms & Suites
Hotel @Syngrou Fix

You can browse through all your options for hotels in Koukaki.

Staying in Syntagma

Staying in SyntagmaPin
Syntagma is a very convenient location for visitors looking for where to stay in Athens

Syntagma is the real heart of Athens, a central hub of public transportation and home to the most popular shopping streets in the city, numerous popular restaurants, and cafes, and all kinds of shops.

Some of the most famous sights around Syntagma include Syntagma Square and the Greek Parliament, the National Gardens, and the National Historical Museum.

The easiest way to get to Syntagma is via the Syntagma metro station that connects lines 2 and 3 (or the red and blue lines respectively).

Best Hotels in Syntagma

As the most central location in the city, Syntagma boasts a wide array of hotels of all kinds, ranging from world-class luxury hotels to small-scale budget-friendly hotels.

Here is a rundown of the best hotels in Syntagma.

Athens Utopia Ermou
Amalia Hotel
Hotel Lozenge
Hotel Grande Bretagne
King George

You can find all the best hotels in Syntagma to choose from here.

Staying in Kolonaki

Staying in KolonakiPin
Dexameni Square, Kolonaki. The good thing about staying in Kolonaki is that during the evening you will find many bars and restaurants open and usually full of people. Pic:

Situated northwest of Syntagma, Kolonaki is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Athens.

Strangely enough, Kolonaki is way less touristy than all the other areas on this list. Its narrow streets are packed with fashion boutiques, high-end restaurants, and cozy bistros.

Kolonaki is home to a few popular attractions and museums of Athens like the Museum of Cycladic Art, the National War Museum, the Benaki Museum, and the Museum of Cycladic Art.

The easiest way to get to Kolonaki is either via Syntagma metro station or Evangelismos metro station.

Best Hotels in Kolonaki

Kolonaki boasts some of the most luxurious hotels in Athens as well as some enchanting boutique hotels. It’s also a great place to stay on a family holiday and it offers many options for family-friendly hotels.

Here are a few options for the best hotels in Kolonaki.

Academias Hotel
Bohemian Suites Athens
Sir Athens
Coco-Mat Hotel Athens
Oniro City

You can explore all the options for the best hotels in Kolonaki here.

Staying in Thission

Staying in ThissionPin
Thission is a great place to stay on your holidays in Athens

Thission is located right next to Monastiraki and Plaka but is often overlooked by tourists looking for hotels in Athens.

Nevertheless, Thission is a great place to stay on your Athens vacation. It’s quite a busy neighborhood set along a long pedestrian street that connects Monastiraki with Koukaki passing by Acropolis Hill.

Thission is near some of the city’s most fascinating sights like Philopappos Monument, the Theater of Dionysus, the Museum Herakleidon, the Pnyx, the National Observatory of Athens, and the prison of Socrates.

The easiest way to get to Thission is via the Monastiraki train and metro station.

Best Hotels in Thission

Located centrally in downtown Athens, Thission features a fair share of different hotels including family-friendly hotels, romantic hotels, and hotels with a view of the Acropolis.

Here are a few options for the best hotels and rental apartments in Thission.

Acropolis Luxury Houses
Live in Athens, Thiseio Residencies
[email protected] 7
Ancient Agora Appartments

Browse all the best hotels and accommodation options in Thission here.

Staying in Piraeus Port

Staying in Piraeus PortPin
Staying in Piraeus Port if you have to catch an early morning ferry to the Greek islands. Pic: Tilemahos Efthimiadis/

Piraeus is the most famous port near Athens and one of the largest ports in Europe. This is where all the ferries depart for the Greek islands.

It’s not the most beautiful area of Athens to stay at, but if you have booked an early morning ferry ticket to Santorini island, or any other Greek island, booking a hotel in Piraeus port might be a wise choice.

The easiest way to get from Athens city center to Piraeus port is by train (green line).

There are several stations throughout the city -some of them with connections to the metro- and Piraeus is the final stop. The trip from the city center of Athens to Piraeus takes approximately 35 minutes.

Best Hotels in Piraeus Port

The port of Piraeus might not be famous for its abundance of accommodation options but there are still quite a few hotels that are worth mentioning.

Here are our top picks for the best hotels in Piraeus.

Eva Apartments
Piraeus Port Hotel
Phidias Piraeus Hotel
The Alex
Piraeus Premium Suites

You can explore all your options for the best hotels in Piraeus here.

General tips and frequently asked questions about Hotels in Athens

Here we will briefly list some of our tips on how to book the best hotels in Athens for your next holiday along with some answers to frequently asked questions by our readers.

Where to Stay in Athens?

The best neighborhoods for tourists are Syntagma, Plaka, Monastiraki, Koukaki, Thission, and Kolonaki. All of them are located in the city center and within walking distance of the Acropolis Hill.

How many days should I spend in Athens?

The city has enough attractions and sights to entertain you for weeks. However, if you can’t afford to stay too long, we recommend you stay in Athens for at least 3 days.

Where should I not stay in Athens?

Avoid booking a hotel close to Omonoia, Metaxourgeio, and the central train station named Larisa Station.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Athens?

According to, 3-star hotels in Athens cost $79 per night on average, 4-star hotels in Athens cost $119 per night on average and 5-star hotels in Athens cost $211 per night on average.

What is the best cheap hotel in Athens?

The best cheap hotel in Athens is Central Stay Athens

What is the best family-friendly hotel in Athens?

The best family-friendly hotel in Athens is Electra Metropolis

What is the best five-star hotel in Athens?

The best five-star hotel in Athens is Coco-Mat Athens BC

How much does it cost from Athens airport to the city center?

You can travel from Athens airport to the city center by metro, bus or taxi. The metro costs 10€ for a one-way trip, the bus costs 6€ for a one-way trip and a taxi ride costs approximately 40€.

Can you drink tap water in Athens?

Yes, you can drink tap water in Athens.

How far are the beaches from Athens?

Departing from the city center, you can reach several beaches that are close to Athens in approximately 30 minutes.

Which is the peak tourist season of Athens?

The peak tourist season of Athens lasts from May to September. During this period, most hotels have extremely limited availability so we recommend that you book your stay well in advance.

Final Tip:
If you liked one of our recommended hotels, make sure to book your stay as soon as possible. We have chosen the best hotels in Athens and that means that most of them are very popular with travelers and that their availability can change overnight

Remember that BTI Athens Travel Guide is here to guide you with planning the perfect trip to Athens and help you every step along the way. If you didn’t found what you’re looking for, or need any recommendations about your trip to Athens, feel free to leave us a comment or just contact us and we will do our best to help you. Please be as more detailed as possible regarding your subject so as to help you better.

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