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The Great and Small Museums in Athens


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museums in athens

The most detailed guide to the Great and Small Museums in Athens, Greece! While visiting the Greek Capital, spend some time to see some of the best museums in Athens. You can also visit Athens’ best museums during free admission days.

Athens museums house the treasures of Greek history and culture offering fascinating insights into life in the oldest capital in Europe and the cradle of civilization.

Unique exhibitions are hosted in these great and small museums in Athens, a must-see aspect during your visit to Athens.

The Great Museums of Athens

The Acropolis Museum:

As its name suggests the Acropolis Museum contains finds, from the Acropolis; the glory of the collection lies in its sculpture, particularly the archaic sculpture.

Visitors should be sure to see the Ramping Horseman, and the series of figures of kore, or young girls.

The girls look as they would have done when taking part in the Panathenaic Procession.

Also on display are those bits of sculpture from the Parthenon frieze which Lord Elgin did not take to England, as well as The Caryatides from the Erechtheum.

Get your Acropolis museum ticket online now, and when you’ll visit the museum you’ll skip the line through express security check!

Acropolis MuseumPin
The Acropolis Museum in Athens

Where is the Acropolis Museum Located?

Ethniki Odos 1 9, Athens 106 74  (Click here to see the map.)

How much does it cost to visit the Acropolis Museum?

Winter season (1 November – 31 March)
  • General admission: €5
  • Reduced admission*: €3
Summer season (1 April – 31 October)
  • General admission: €10
  • Reduced admission*: €5

What time does the Acropolis museum open? Acropolis Museum Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday: 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Last admission: 7.30 p.m.
Galleries cleared at 7.45 p.m.
The Museum is open every Friday until 10 p.m.
Monday: Closed.
Museum Closed: 1 January, 25 March, Easter Sunday, 1 May, 25 December and 26 December.

The Agora Museum (Stoa of Attalos):

The Agora Museum is housed in the reconstructed Stoa of Attalos and it has finds from the Agora, dating from the Neolithic to the Turkish periods.

The museum’s collection of pottery is superb; unfortunately, relatively little is on display, as this is a working collection for scholars.

Visitors should be sure: to see the ancient Athenian working machine, or form of the ballot box, known as the Kleroterion.

In addition, the museum has many inscriptions on display and numerous items from daily life through the centuries.

A tour of any museum you like is highly recommended. We suggest you visit this page and see all the available online tickets and tours

The Agora Museum is housed in the reconstructed Stoa of AttalosPin
The Agora Museum is housed in the reconstructed Stoa of Attalos. Pic:

Where is the Agora Museum Located?

24, Adrianou Street, Athens 105 55  (Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit the Agora Museum?

  • Adult: €8
  • Student: €4
  • Adult combined ticket: €30
  • Student combined ticket: €15
    The combined entrance includes: Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Theatre of Dionysus, Kerameikos, Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s Library.

What time does the Agora Museum open? Agora Museum Opening Hours:

01 Apr – 31 Oct Mon, 1100-2000
01 Apr – 31 Oct Tue-Sun, 0800-2000
01 Nov – 31 Mar Mon, 1100-1500
01 Nov – 31 Mar Tue-Sun, 0800-1500

The Benaki Museum:

HaIf the fun of visiting the Benaki Museum on Leoforos Vasilissis Sofias is seeing the lovely view of Athens from the Museum’s rooftop cafe.

The collection was begun by a wealthy Athenian, A. Benakis, and highlights the Greek War of Independence, the Monarchy, the PhilheIlenes and the early travelers in Greece.

The museum’s collection of Greek costumes is the finest in the country, as is its collection of Islamic pottery.

The museum is always cool and delightful in summer. Find online tickets and tours

The Benaki Museum in AthensPin
Benaki Museum collection gives a captivating overview of Greek history throughout the ages. Pic: Chris /

Where is the Benaki Museum Located?

1 Koumbari St. & Vas. Sofias Ave., 106 74 Athens  (Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit the Benaki Museum?

  • Adults: €6
  • Students and children: Free
  • Thursdays: free entrance

What time does the Benaki Museum open? Benaki Museum Opening Hours:

Wednesdays and Fridays: 9 am – 5 pm.
Thursdays and Saturdays: 9 am-midnight.
Sundays: 9am – 3pm.
Mondays and Tuesdays: closed

The Byzantine and Christian Museum:

The Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens is in the large home of the 19th century Duchess de Plaisance; astonishingly, the palace was in the open country when it was built little more than 140 years ago.

The Byzantine and Christian Museum is an excellent place to visit before touring the Byzantine churches of Athens, as exhibits set forth the development of church architecture in Greece.

The museum’s collection of icons is superb and somewhat overwhelming for any not accustomed to this art form. Find online tickets and tours

the Byzantine and Christian museum in AthensPin
Remains of a Byzantine church in the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens. Pic: Pieter De Praetere /

Where is the Byzantine and Christian Museum Located?

22 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue, Athens, 106 75  (Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit the Byzantine and Christian Museum?

  • Adults: €4
  • Seniors over 65: €2
  • Students and youth less than 19 years old: free entrance

What time does the Byzantine and Christian Museum open? Benaki Museum Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 9 am to 4 pm.
Mondays: closed.

The Museum of the Kerameikos:

As one would expect from a museum in the potters’ quarter, the Kerameikos Museum has a superb collection of ancient pottery.

In addition, many of the funeral steles from the Kerameikos cemetery are on display here, as well as some of the sculptured figures which decorated the more ornate tombs. Find online tickets and tours

The museum of KerameikosPin
The museum of Kerameikos is situated in the archaeological site of Kerameikos. Pic: Shadowgate /

Where is the Kerameikos Museum Located?

148 Ermou, Athens, 10 553 (At the end of Ermou Street, to the west of Monastiraki Square – Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit the Kerameikos Museum?

  • Adults: €8
  • Students: €4
  • Combined adult ticket: €30
  • Combined student ticket: €15
    Includes: Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Theatre of Dionysus

What time does the Kerameikos Museum open? Kerameikos Museum Opening Hours:

01 Jun – 31 Oct: Tue-Sun, 0900-1600
01 Nov – 31 May: Tue-Sun, 0800-1500

The National Archaeological Museum:

The National Archaeological Museum on Patission Street deserves not one, but many visits.

Especially in summer, the National Archaeological Museum is crowded, and it is difficult to see its riches at leisure.

Good tours do exist which take one rapidly through the museum, past the highlights of the collection.

Most will then wish to revisit the museum.

The Mycenaean Hall, just inside the National Archaeological Museum entrance, contains the famous gold of Mycenae, including the gold mask which Schliemann believed to be that of Agamemnon.

Even if this was not the case, the regal splendor of the mask is haunting. The elegant gold Vaphio cups in the Mycenaean Hall are also irresistibly beautiful.

In the Cycladic Hall are the Cycladic idols which many have compared to the work of Modigliani, so clean and modern are their lines.

The Harp Player is particularly fine.

The National Archaeological MuseumPin
The National Archaeological Museum is the largest museum in Greece. Pic:

As one continues on through the museum, one proceeds chronologically from the Geometric (9th & 8th) to the Archaic (7th and 6th) to the Classical (5th and 4th) to the Hellenistic (3rd to 1st)periods.

Monumental stone youths, or kouroi, give way to monumental bronze statues, such as the Zeus or Poseidon found off Cape Artemision.

Funeral stele and portrait busts from throughout Greece, as well as architectural fragments and ornament, fill the museum.

On the upper floor are delightful frescoes from the island of Santorini (Thera), dating from the Minoan period, and various small collections.

Quite simply, the National Archaeological Museum has the finest collection of Greek antiquities in the world, and should be visited slowly, carefully, and often.

Check this guided tour in the National Archaeological Museum we found for you, which is including a skip the line ticket!

The National Archaeological Museum in AthensPin
The National Archaeological Museum in Athens houses items from prehistory to late antiquity. Pic: Tilemahos Efthimiadis /

Where is the National Archaeological Museum Located?

The museum is a five-minute walk from Victoria Station and a 10-minute walk from Omonia. Address: 44 Patission str, 10682, Athens  (Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit the National Archaeological Museum?

  • Adults: €7
  • Students and seniors (over 65 years old): €3
  • Youth (less than 18 years old): free entrance

What time does the National Archaeological Museum open? National Archaeological Museum Opening Hours:

01 Apr – 31 Oct Mon-Sun, 0800-2000
01 Nov – 31 Mar Mon, 1300-2000
01 Nov – 31 Mar Tue-Sun, 0900-1600

The National Gallery of Greece:

This new picture gallery, which the main building is located within a walking distance from Syntagma Square, just opposite Athens Hilton Hotel, has modern Greek painting of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Often there are special exhibits of young artists on display.

Anyone interested in modern art will find this a rewarding collection. Find online tickets and tours

The main building of the National Gallery – Alexandros Soutzos Museum, Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue, has been closed since March 2013, due to expansion works.

The National Gallery of GreecePin
The National Gallery in Athens is the most renowned art museum in Greece with over 20000 works of art. Pic: Tilemahos Efthimiadis /

Where is the National Gallery of Greece Located?

Address: Army Park, Goudi, 115 25 Athens. Entrance from Panagiotis Kanellopoulos Avenue (Click here to see the map).

Main building: Michalakopoulou 1, Athens, Greece  (Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit the National Gallery of Greece?

General admission: €5

Reduced entry ticket: €3
Students, Citizens over 65

Free admission days
  • Holders of ICOM & AICA cards
  • Students of Fine Arts
  • Children under 12 years old
  • People with special needs and their attendant
  • From 1st November 2018 until March 2019 the first Sunday of the month.

What time does the National Gallery of Greece open? The National Gallery of Greece Opening Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 09. 00 – 17.00
Saturday, Sunday: 09. 00 – 16.00
Εvery Tuesday and all the Bank Holidays the museum is closed

National Historical Museum:

The Old Parliament Building on Stadiou Street is now the home of this collection which deals with Greek history in the 18th and 19th centuries, during the Greek struggle for independence from the Turks.

The National Historical Museum has many fine etchings and paintings of heroes during that struggle, as well as stirring battle scenes. Find online tickets and tours

National Historical Museum of AthensPin
Housed in the Old Parliament building, the National Historical Museum brings to life the story of the founding of Greece. Pic:

Where is the National Historical Museum Located?

Address: 13 Stadiou St. 10561 Athens. (Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit The National Gallery of Greece?

  • Full admission: € 3
  • Reduced admission: € 1.5
Free admission days:

Every Sunday, the International Museum Day (May 18th) and the following holidays:

  • March 25th
  • October 28th

What time does The National Gallery of Greece open? The National Gallery of Greece Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 8:30-14:30
Closed on Mondays


The Small Museums of Athens

The Jewish Museum of Greece:

The Jewish Museum at 39 Nikis street, beside the Athens synagogue, has a fascinating – and heartbreaking – collection of items illustrating life among Greek Jews before World War II.

There were 80,000 Greek Jews before the war; only 8500 survived.

Some of those who survived, notably Nikos Sravroulakis, organized this museum.

A tour of any museum you like is highly recommended. We suggest you visit this page and see all the available online tickets and tours

The Jewish Museum in AthensPin
The Jewish Museum in Athens traces the history of the Jewish community in Greece. Pic:

Where is the Jewish Museum Located?

Address: 39, Nikis street, Athens, 10 557. (Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit the Jewish Museum of Greece?

Admission fees:

  • Adults: €6
  • Students: €3

Guided tour fees for groups: €50  (upon arrangement)

What time does the Jewish Museum of Greece open? The Jewish Museum of Greece Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.00-14.30
Sundays: 10.00-14.00
Saturdays: closed

The Kanellopoulos Museum:

The Kanellopoulos Museum is in an elegant neoclassical house on the upper reaches of the Plaka, at the intersection of Theorias and Panou Streets.

One passes the museum as one walks down from the Akropolis into the Plaka, and it makes a pleasant stop for a half-hour.

The collection is that of one family, and ranges through Greek art from Neolithic to modern times.

The house is at least as interesting as the collection itself.

The Kanellopoulos Collection in AthensPin
The Paul and Alexandra Canellopoulos Museum was established in 1976 following the donation to the Greek state of the collection of this name. Pic:

Where is the Kanellopoulos Museum Located?

12 Theorias street, 105 55 Plaka, Athens. (Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit the Kanellopoulos Museum?

Admission fees:

  • Adults: €2
  • Students: €1

Guided tour fees for groups: 50 € (upon arrangement)

What time does the Kanellopoulos Museum open? The Kanellopoulos Museum Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 8:30 am to 3 pm.
Monday: closed

The Museum of the City of Athens:

The Museum of the City of Athens is in the palace of King Otto on Klafthmonos Square and is one of the few remaining examples of the neo-classical style so popular under the new monarchy.

Exhibits on the ground floor recreate the period of Otto, while the upstairs is arranged as it was when Otto and Queen Amalia lived here.

The museum of the city of Athens on Klafthmonos SquarePin
The Museum of the City of Athens, situated in Klafthmonos Square in two of the capital’s oldest and most beautiful buildings. Pic:

Where is the Museum of the City of Athens Located?

5-7 Paparigopoulou Str, Athens, (Click here to see the map).

How much does it cost to visit the Museum of the City of Athens?

Admission fees:

  • Adults / Students: €3

What time does the Museum of the City of Athens? The Museum of the City of Athens Opening Hours:

Monday : 09:00- 16:00
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 09:00- 16:00
Thursday: 09:00- 16:00
Friday: 09:00- 16:00
Saturday: 10:00- 15:00
Sunday: 10:00- 15:00

The Folk Art Museum:

The Museum of Folk Art on Kidathineon Street is easy to miss, as only a small plaque on the door of number 17 announces its presence.

It would be a shame to miss this delightful museum of Greek life throughout Greece; any who are not able to travel outside Athens should make a particular point to visit this superb collection of costumes and items of daily life (spinning wheels, agricultural tools, metalwork, embroidery).

The Museum of Folk Art also contains an entire room painted by the famous modern Greek primitive painter Theophilos Hadjimichael(1868-1934)

The Gastronomy Museum

  • Address: Agiou Dimitriou 13, downtown Athens
  • Telephone: +30 210 321 1311
  • Hours: 10am-late; kitchen open noon-9pm; closed Monday

Blank Wall Gallery

  • Address: 55 Fokionos Negri St, Kypseli
  • Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Saturday: 11:30am to 2:00pm
  • Sunday – Monday: Closed
    Private appointments available upon request

Museum of the Ancient Greek Technology

  • Address: 6 Pindarou Str and Akadimias, Kolonaki
    The museum is located on 8, Pindarou street in Kolonaki
  • Opening Hours: Daily and on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm
  • Admission: €5 (reduced rates for students, children, teachers, and senior citizens)
    and includes guided tour in Greek and English

Katakouzenos House Museum

  • Address: 4 Amalias Avenue 5th floor, Syntagma, 105 57
  • Opening Hours: Please call them (+30 210 322 2144)  before your visit, and ask for opening hours and ticket prices.

The Athens Pinball Museum

  • Address: Dionisiou Areopagitou & Makri 2, 11742 Athens
  • Admission: €10

Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

  • Address: 12 Kallisperi & Karyatidon, 11742, Athens
  • Opening Hours:
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
    Sunday: 11.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
    Wednesday: 9.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.
    Mondays, Tuesdays and National holidays the museum is closed
  • General Admission: €5,00
    Students, Senior Citizens, and Groups: €4,00

Museum of Popular Musical Instruments

  • Address: 1-2 Diogenes St, Plaka, Athens
  • Opening Hours:  Daily from 10 am to 2 pm. Wednesday from 12 to 6 pm. Closed on Mondays
  • Admission: Free

War Museum

  • Address: 2 Rizari Street and Vass. Sofias Avenue
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. Sunday from 9:30 am to 2 pm. Closed Mondays
  • Admission: Free

Theatrical Museum

  • Address: 50 Acadimias Street
  • Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday from 9 am to 2:30 pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday.
  • Admission: Free.

Greek Historical Costume Museum

  • Address: 7 Dimokritou st, Kolonaki, Athens
  • Opening Hours: Mon, Weds, Fri: 10-1. Thurs: 5:30-8:30
  • Admission: Free

The Hellenic Motor Museum

  • Address: 3rd September, 33-35 Iouliannou & Patission Streets
  • Opening Hours: The Hellenic Motor Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 9 pm and on Sunday from 11 to 6 pm.

Free Admission Days for Museums in Athens

On the chance that you are visiting Athens in the near future, you can visit some of the best museums in the Greek capital for absolutely free! Note there are exemptions for certain days listed below for privately owned museums. We advise best to check in advance.

Most museums in Athens are free on the first Sunday of the month from November to March.

  • 6 March (Memory of Melina Mercouri)
  • 18 April (International Monument Day)
  • 18 May (International Museum Day)
  • 5 June (World Environment Day)
  • The last weekend of September (European Days of Cultural Heritage)
  • 27 September (International Tourism Day)
  • Greek official holidays should the museum be open including: 6 January, Orthodox Good Friday, Orthodox Easter Saturday and Monday, Orthodox Monday of the Holy Spirit, 15th of August, 28th of October.

Museums in Athens for Free: Tips

Certain folks are privileged with free admission or at least discounted admission. Every museum varies.

  • Children under 12 years old
  • Students under 19 years old from E.U. countries
  • People over 65 years old
  • People with special needs and their attendant
  • Holders of the cards: ICOM, CIMAM, AICA
  • Journalists, guides, soldiers.

Important, please read:

Museum Hours: It is vital to check for up-to-date information on all museums as close as possible to the time of one’s visit. Museums are usually closed on Tuesdays and on 1 January, 25 March, Good Friday, Easter, and Christmas. Some museums are open all day, some mornings only, other afternoons only. Be sure to check for accurate, up-to-date information at the National Tourist Organization (Tel: +30 210 8707000).

Remember that BTI Athens Travel Guide is here to guide you with planning the perfect trip to Athens and help you every step along the way. If you didn’t found what you’re looking for, or need any recommendations about your trip to Athens, feel free to leave us a comment or just contact us and we will do our best to help you. Please be as more detailed as possible regarding your subject so as to help you better.

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