If you are planning a trip to Greece, you may want to consider a travel insurance plan

Travel Insurance

Even if you have perfectly planned your trip taking into consideration every little detail that can ruin your vacations, there is always a possibility that your plans will get canceled. For these unforeseen events of life, travel insurance comes in handy, provides you with cost coverage, and saves you from unnecessary expenses. If you’re looking for travel insurance for your trip to Athens, the capital of Greece, or elsewhere here is what you need to know.

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Let's Start With the Basics

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is an insurance plan that aims at protecting travelers from extra costs and expenses that may occur due to unforeseen situations before or during traveling. Unlike other insurances, travel insurance isn’t obligatory. It is, however, strongly recommended for travelers of all kinds. There are different types of travel insurance plans and it’s up to each traveler to choose the one that fits them best. The most common travel insurance products cover medical expenses, last-minute trip cancellations and luggage losses.

Find the Travel Insurance That Meets Your Needs

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Why You Should Have Travel Insurance

Why You Should Have Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling domestically, abroad, or overseas, it is highly recommended by experts in the tourism industry to have purchased travel insurance. Predicting a medical emergency or trip delays is impossible even if you’re traveling to a destination you’re familiar with. Moreover, most travel suppliers, including hotels and airlines, don’t have a full refund policy. With travel insurance, however, you can reoccupy costs. Even if nothing happens, travel insurance guarantees your peace of mind for all the “what if” scenarios that come with a trip abroad. You have baggage protection, 24-hours access to emergency assistance, and important pre-trip information for your destination.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Even though there are different types of travel insurance plans, the most common offers coverage for trip delay, cancellation or postponement, medical emergency including accident or sickness and lost, stolen, or damaged luggage. Other basic coverages of trip insurances are accidental death and dismemberment, hazardous sports coverage and renters collision.

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Travel Insurance:
What You Should Know

How Does Travel Insurance Work?​

If you have purchased travel insurance and one of the aforementioned events takes place you should file a claim to the insurance company. The company’s experts will check the documents you submit and once the claim is approved you’ll get a refund for the costs you spent on your canceled trip. If for example, you have booked a trip to Athens and hours before your departure your flight is canceled if you have travel insurance for your trip to Greece the money you spent on tickets won’t be lost.

How A Travel Insurance Can Help You​

Travel insurance can help you in many ways. Aside from preventing you from expenses in case of trip delays or cancellations, it’s quite useful in many other situations as well. First of all, you have medical care access instantly, no matter where in the world you are. Even if nothing happens during your trip, it is very important that you’ll have peace of mind. You’ll know that you have access to experienced medical personnel and with your medical expenses covered. Moreover, high-quality travel insurance companies feature a 24-hour assistance hotline that provides travelers with advice and information whenever and wherever they need it. Moreover, if you lose your passport, for example, travel insurance provides travel insurance benefits for the flights you may miss and assist you in issuing a new passport.

When Should You Buy Travel Insurance?​

The right time of buying your travel insurance is very important. In case you purchase it too early or too late you may lose parts of the benefits. It is generally suggested to buy your travel insurance once you book your tickets. In that way, if anything unexpected occurs such as illness or injury between the booking date and the traveling date you are able to get a refund. Purchasing travel insurance at least one day before your trip departure is not recommended since coverage will not become effective until 12:01 am the following day.

The Cost of Travel Insurance

The cost of travel insurance has to do with various factors. First of all, it depends on the type of travel insurance plan and what you’ll choose to include (medical care, baggage loss, accidental death, and dismemberment, etc). Of course, it also has to do with the duration of the trip and the age of the insured. Even though estimating a price isn’t possible, it is generally said that the average cost of travel insurance is about 6% of the total trip cost. Of course, finding the most suitable travel insurance for your trip is a time-consuming, tedious process that requires a huge amount of research online and offline.

Best Travel Insurance

How To Find The Best Travel Insurance​

Before choosing the best travel insurance you should take into consideration your destination and the type of trip you’re planning to take. If you’re going on an adventurous trip you should have a totally different type of travel insurance than if you’re going on a business trip. If you’re an adrenaline hunter planning on doing extreme sports and outdoor activities, you should purchase travel insurance that offers the ultimate services for this type of traveling. If for example, you’re traveling to Athens solely for sightseeing you should buy a different type of travel insurance than if you’re planning to combine your trip with adventurous outdoor activities such as bungee jumping at the Corinth canal. In finding the best travel insurance it also plays a significant role if you are traveling solo, with your friends or you are on a family trip with kids. Of course, finding the most suitable travel insurance for your trip is a time-consuming, tedious process that requires a huge amount of research online and offline.

But Here’s Why You Are in Luck:

We here at BTI compared numerous travel insurance plans to find the best value-for-money insurance company and the one that offers a wide range of services. Roamright is the one that undoubtedly stood out and we totally recommend it whether you’re traveling to Greece or elsewhere. Roamright currently provides its services to US-citizens and permanent residents of the United States.

Tips, Suggestions, and Recommendations about Travel Insurance

We gathered the most common and frequently asked questions that we believe can be useful to those looking for the best travel insurance and the things they should take into consideration before purchasing one.


Which are the best travel insurance companies?

There are several insurance companies that stand out for different travel insurance plans. The best overall travel insurance is Roamright, World Nomads and Travelex, followed by Insure My Trip and HTH Travel Insurance for older travelers and Medjet for medical coverage.


Does travel insurance cover refunds?

Travel insurance covers refunds for a covered reason for a trip cancellation.


What is the best overseas travel insurance?

The three top travel insurance companies for 2020 are Travelex, Allianz Travel Insurance and InsureMyTrip.


What is not covered in travel insurance?

Travel insurance doesn’t offer cost coverage in case you change your mind about a trip. It also doesn’t cover expenses for losses due to most pre-existing medical conditions. There are several things that travel insurance doesn’t cover. Therefore, you should carefully read the conditions of the travel insurance plan you are planning to purchase


What is a covered reason for trip cancellation?

A covered reason can be an injury, sickness, or death of you, a family member, or a traveling companion.


Does travel insurance cover flight cancellation?

Yes, it does. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance right after you have booked your airfares.


Can you get travel insurance when already abroad?

No, insurance must be purchased at least one day before your trip departure.


Can you extend travel insurance?

All travel insurance plans allow you to change your travel insurance dates, either increasing or decreasing them, but only prior to your scheduled departure date. Extending your travel insurance while you’re on your trip is not always possible and it is up to the insurer to allow it or not.


Can you get one-way travel insurance?

Yes, it is possible to get one-way travel insurance which can last from a few days to 18 months.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

No matter whether you are traveling to Greece, another European city or overseas travel insurance will certainly be of use. Once you decide if your next trip will be for business, leisure, or outdoor activities, find the perfect travel insurance plan and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Find the Travel Insurance That Meets Your Needs

RoamRight travel insurance

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Travel Insurance

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