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Uber or Lyft in Athens! Transfer Services and Taxi Companies in Athens, Greece.


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Is Uber and Lyft in Athens

Even though the means of public transportation is a great way to commute around Athens there are sometimes that you just need the comfort of a private car. Even though worldwide known companies such as UberX or Lyft aren’t operating in the Greek capital at the moment, there are numerous transfer companies and taxi apps that guarantee to provide professional and comfortable transportation around the city as well as to and from Athens International Airport.


Taxis is a very popular way of getting around in Athens.

Even though they are more expensive than the means of public transportation, they’re quite cheaper compared to other countries.

Therefore, local people often use taxis especially for short distances and after midnight when most buses and the metro stops operating.

Aside from the routes to and from the airport that have a fixed price (see here for more details), the price for every other taxi ride is calculated with a taximeter.

The starting price is 1,19€ and the minimum price you have to pay for a ride is 3,50€ no matter the distance.

You will find many taxis just outside the hotel in Athens where you stay, in the streets, and in designated Taxi Waiting areas around Athens but there also several taxi apps and services ideal for pre-booking your taxi.

Catching a cab in Athens airport. Pic:


Beat (formerly taxibeat) is the most popular taxi app in Athens at the moment.

All you have to do is download the app, enter your location and the desired destination and a taxi will be at your door in no time.

You can pay either in cash or with a credit card and until recently you could even choose the driver you prefer based on their reviews, car type, and proximity to your location.

Even though, this service is no longer available you can still see the driver’s reviews before booking your ride.

With the taxibeat app, you can also cancel your ride in case something comes up as well contact the driver by phone after you’ve booked a ride.

Taxibeat is the most popular taxi app in Athens

Welcome Pickups

Welcome Pickups offers Athens Airport Transfers and Taxis services.

Featuring different types of cars for small and larger groups as well as trained English-speaking drivers, Welcome Pickups is a great way for reaching your destination after arriving in Athens.

You can book your transportation from Athens airport as well as the city’s ports and Athens Railway Station through the company’s official website in an easy and fast way.

Please read our detailed guide about the ports of Athens

Prices are the same as taking a regular taxi from the designated Taxi waiting areas.


Another well-known taxi app in Athens is Taxiplon.

With 1.140 cars operating in Attica and the countryside, Taxiplon serves around 10.000 passengers daily.

You can book your taxi ride by telephone or via Taxiplon App.

Operating in Greece since 2012, Taxiplon has been certified with ISO 9001:2015 and has earned a place at the Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2014.

Taxiplon is a well-known taxi app in Athens . Pic: Gavriil Papadiotis /


Uber launched in Athens in 2015, 4 years after the company’s foundation, operating UberX, a service which uses professional licensed drivers, and UberTAXI, a service using taxi drivers.

Over the first few years of its operation, Uber attracted 450,000 passengers in Athens.

However, in 2018, after new local regulations related to ride-sharing were voted, Uber decided to suspend its UberX service in the Greek capital.

Please read our detailed guide about means of Public Transportation in Athens

UberTAXI still operates though, offering passengers the choice to book a taxi via the Uber App.

Uber taxis are the same yellow taxis you’ll see all over Athens and the ride price is slightly higher than the one you’d pay with a regular taxi.

So, is there Uber or Lyft in Athens?

No, UberX or Lyft aren’t operating in the Greek capital at the moment.

UberTAXI offering passengers the choice to book a taxi via the Uber App. Pic: Stock Catalog /

Book Taxi Athens

Book Taxi Athens provides private taxi transportation from Athens International Airport (ATH) to Athens city and the Piraeus Port as well as to popular places in regions around Athens.

Patra Port, Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae, Nafplion, Epidaurus, and Sparta are some of them.

Read our detailed guide about how to travel from Athens to Delphi

Book Taxi Athens’ vehicle fleet consists of low-cost and premium vehicles for small groups as well as 7-seat minivans and minibusses for larger groups of 15-20  people.

You can book the vehicle that suits your needs best on the company’s official website by choosing the pickup and drop off location by the list of available routes.

The list of available routes in Athens includes Athens International Airport, Piraeus Port, Lavrio Port, and Rafina Port.

Athens Taxi Tours

With over 32 years of taxi travel service in Greece, Athens Taxi Tours guarantees to take you to your destination from Athens International Airport in a safe and comfortable ride.

They offer a 24-hour online booking service and air-conditioned, wi-fi enabled Mercedes-Benz taxis.

Athens Taxi Tours also offers personalized tours and shore excursions in Athens and other places around Greece.

Athens Transfer Services

Athens Transfer Services offers low-cost private transfers in Athens and other parts around Greece.

From minibusses, shuttles, and vans to taxis and limousines, Athens Transfer Services’ vehicle fleet has something for all tastes and budgets.

If you’re looking for a high-end experience you can book a luxurious Mercedes taxi or limousine while if you’re traveling with a large group of friends, colleagues, or family you can pick among a wide range of minibusses with 9,12,15 and 20 seats.

Aside from transportation from and to the airport and the ports, Athens Transfer Services also organizes private tours around Athens.

Athens Transfer Services’ vehicle fleet has something for all tastes and budgets. Pic: Automobile Italia /

My Athens Transfers

Sedans, vans, limos, and mini-buses Mercedes Benz vehicles comprise the fleet of My Athens Transfers.

The renowned transfer company organizes tours around Athens and Greece as well as provides transportation services from and to the airport for one to eight people.

Due to the fact that unlike most countries, Uber and Lyft aren’t a common way of private transportation in Athens, many travelers in the Greek capital face difficulties with finding a trustworthy transfer company or an easy-to-use taxi app.

However, there a lot of professional and budget-friendly taxi companies and services that even local people use to move around Athens.

If you are looking for the best transfer from and to the Athens International Airport or to and from the Piraeus Port, we suggest you click on our tours and tickets page, scroll down to the transfers section, and select the one is best for you!

Have a quick look:

If you want to avoid means of public transportation or simply find an easy way to get to the city from Athens International Airport, this list with the best transfer companies and taxi services will definitely come in handy.

Remember that BTI Athens Travel Guide is here to guide you with planning the perfect trip to Athens and help you every step along the way. If you didn’t found what you’re looking for, or need any recommendations about your trip to Athens, feel free to leave us a comment or just contact us and we will do our best to help you. Please be as more detailed as possible regarding your subject so as to help you better.

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