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You can substitute Athens from the title and replace it with any city in the world you can think of. It is the first question any tourists think of or asks. What to do in Athens, or any other city I am visiting? Now, it depends on that city’s cultural richness that how much it has to offer to a tourist.

Athens is a city that has never disappointed its visitors. It is a fine blend of historical past and contemporary cool. If you have prepared your backpack for Athens but are still unsure about your activities in the Greek capital, then you have arrived at the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss what you can do in Athens when you finally hit the ground!

So, What To Do in Athens City?

We are going to look at things categorically. First, we will look at some of the places you can visit in Athens.

Then the activities which will make your trip, a memorable affair, and finally, seeing if Athens is worth a visit for you or not.

So, without further ado, let us immerse ourselves in the intense beauty of the glorious city of Athens!

Things To Do in Athens

Well the first thing to do, which is the prime reason for visiting Athens for many, is visiting the historical sites in Athens.

Unlike other visitors who kick start their tour by visiting only significant sites in Athens, we would like you to do things a little differently. You may ask how?

Well, why don’t you visit the oldest house in Athens first?

The Benizelos Mansion is the last Ottoman-era residence that still stands tall in Athens. There is a rich history associated with this house, commonly referred to as the house of St Filothei the Athenian.

The Benizelos Mansion in athens
The house of Benizelos family. The oldest building of modern Athens still standing.
Courtesy: wikimedia.org

So what’s there for you if you visit this place? Well, you can feel the experience of a Greek state via video screenings and audio interactive sessions. These are pretty fun, we can tell you that!

Other historical sites which you can visit include Acropolis, Parthenon, Erechtheion, and the National Archaeological Museum.

Try some options for a group guided tour we found for you on GetYourGuide.com and see the most famous monument in Athens!

It will take books to imply the historical significance of these sites. And mind you, these are only a few sites that we have mentioned from a very long list that can go on and on!

temples at the acropolis athens
The temples found on the Acropolis of Athens are considered the most important monuments in Western civilization

Activities in Athens

Visiting historical sites is pretty much it for a lot of visitors. However, not for you, because you will know a lot more by the end of this article.

For example, what do you say about the idea of dancing in the streets? Well, every Monday, a group is known as Street Dancing Milonga, presents a proper dancing show.

You can either watch people dance, or become a part of the dancing group yourself. Tango in the streets, not many would say no to that!

How about a steam bath in the traditional bathhouse of Plaka?

steam bath in the traditional bathhouse of Plaka
Take a steam bath in the Athens City Center. Courtesy: Al Hammam Traditional Baths

The bathhouse has a floor made of warm marble. You can lie on the floor, take deep breaths, and enjoy the relaxing experience this stimulatory bath offers! You can also get yourself exfoliated by an expert, who uses organic olive oil soaps!

Are you a fan of botanical gardens who never had the chance to visit one? Well, Athens can fulfill this desire also. The Diomedous Botanical Garden covers about 19 hectares of area. Here, you can observe, more than 500 plant species as well as 2500 cultivated plant species from all across the world.

Diomedous Botanical Garden in Athens
Visit the Diomedous Botanical Garden in Athens. Courtesy: wikimedia.org

These plants are ornamental, historic, and aromatic by nature. This is a picnic spot as well, there are plenty of tables here. Enjoy your sandwich right here!

And if you have a thing for open-air cinemas, Athens answers to this call as well.

There is nothing like watching the classics under a star-strewn sky. The best place to go to in this regard is the Cine Thisio, which is operational since 1935.

cine thisio athens
Cine Thisio is a wonderful choice if you want a view of the Acropolis. Courtesy: Vasilios Koutroumanos

Is Athens Worth Visiting?

Athens has a lot to offer. Its art, culture, ancient ruins, museums, greenery, cuisine, and many other known curiosities are enough to attract tourists from all across the world.

The aura around this famous city and the fables associated with it make the whole affair extremely intriguing, to say the least.

But you have to be sipping the Greek iced coffee somewhere in the city itself to feel the truth of these words.

And yet, there are a few things which you must be aware of before you board the plane to Athens.

These issues have been the reason for disappointment for many visitors who shared their valuable experience after making the trip to this fabled city.

Well, firstly, visiting Athens during the summer can be an exhausting experience. It is so because, during the summertime, the city air becomes quite polluted with dust.

And while sunshine is what we all seek, too much sun can make you go a little dizzy. At times, wading through the streets of Athens can get a little rough as well.

But let’s be honest. The attractions of this beautiful city outweigh these minor concerns.

Our final verdict on this inquiry? Absolutely, yes! Athens is worth your time and money! So, check when is the best time to visit the Greek capital, and book your flights!

All in all, Athens is an amalgam of class and coolness. It will never cease to surprise you, no matter how much time you are spending in this glorious city.

One day in Athens, a week or one year, you are bound to fall in love with this mind-blowing hub of Greek culture. There are so many cultural aspects associated with Athens.

Whether it is the Byzantine Athens, the Ottoman Athens, or the neoclassical Athens. The city will always come up with something to surprise you.

And that means you have a lot to do when you hit the ground in the beautiful capital of Greece! So, we can safely say that your question about what to do in Athens has been answered well!

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